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yesterday was exhausting, but nice. the weather was foreseen to be stormy, so we decided to avoid the river for canoeing, and canoed around spider lake, up near gail’s house (matt’s mom’s girlfriend), instead. it was very nice. i haven’t been in a canoe for around 4 years, but i don’t feel much sorer than every day today, so that’s good. we saw all kinds of wildlife: a loon and baby, many herons, 2 humongous owls, turtles, fish, gigantic grasshoppers, and a doe and her fawn. the owls were a bit exciting, in the middle of the day. we heard a really loud noise, and looked up to see the two owls apparently chasing off a heron.

another heron landed about 20 feet from us while we were picnicking. i don’t think it noticed we were there. and we were able to canoe right up to the deer. they watched us get closer and closer.

after canoeing, we went back to gail’s house and everyone took naps. i was ready to drop. then we ate cake, played some yahtzee, and matt and i headed back to the city in the storm, so that i could get to kickboxing. matt joined in, too. and after that we came back to the house for wine and games with matt’s family.

today we’re off to the minnesota zoo. i like the camels, but i like them best in the winter, when they’re all shaggedy and funny-looking.