boxes of books

can’t seem to get moving today. it’s nearly 12 and all i’ve done is take a bath, check email, read some sartre, and run a load of laundry. packing for heading to mn hasn’t even begun. bad bad. i have a student coming at 2, which should be plenty of time to get some things done, but perhaps all i really need is coffee.

i’m dreaming of american junk food. onion rings. mmmmm…. and cheese curds, of all things. and sour patch kids.

in other news, i’ve lost 6 kilos since we got back from ireland. hopefully i don’t get back to mn and immediately gain them all back again. it’s been hard work losing them.

have begun the process of opening the boxes of books that went immediately into the attic when we got to this new apartment. it’s a joy to find all my little obsessions. however, my head is in a very weird place. i go from reading bits of this or that erotic novel to pieces of something philosophical, back to erotica, back to philosophy, and throw in a regular novel or something biographical now and then for flavor. i have been behaving strangely, as might be imagined.

it’s fun.


    1. howdy! we’ll be in mn from this saturday evening until the 30th, when matt returns to the netherlands. i will leave on the 31st or possible the 1st for a road trip to wa. on my new motorcycle. sorry we won’t be heading east. i don’t suppose we’ll have any overlap time in mn? it would be great to see you.

      1. It’s a near miss. We just got back from MN, and aren’t going anywhere for a while now. Bummer!

        I hope you have an excellent trip. (And hooray, new motorcycle!)

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