a fun day on a motorcycle, rollerblading, general recovery


see how non-addicted i’ve been! no posts for a while! yay!

it’s been a fun few days. matt’s old friend corey has been in town, and we’ve been hanging out with him and his coworkers a bit. perhaps i should start there, with our first evening of hanging out.

it was last thursday. thursdays are evil here, as it’s the shopping evening, and lots of people go out. matt went to aikido and i got a phone call from ghislaine, a friend from our first dutch class last summer. she was getting together with some people at cafe twee (“tway”) at 9, and wondered if i could come. as i was leaving, matt showed up with dick and anne, from aikido, so we took them along. when we got there, ghislaine wasn’t there yet, but petra, another acquaintance we hadn’t seen in a while, was there with some of her friends. ghislaine got there soon. unfortunately, the music was a bit too loud for me to hear anything but this obnoxious german guy across from me, who i was about ready to bash into the table. in the nick of time, corey called. we offered to come meet him at a hotel across the river, and take him out for drinks. we took dick and anne with us. corey was there with bob (another coworker) and his wife lynn. they are interesting people – we had been out for dinner with them 2 nights before. or maybe the night before. i can’t remember. so we all went to ‘t knijpke, a cool cellar restaurant/bar with loads of atmosphere. we drank there until they closed, then i offered cocktails at our place. bob and lynn went back to their hotel, but we five – matt, corey, dick, anne and i – all went back to our place, and hit the terrace with martinis and mojitos. yummy. dick left first, around 3:30 i think. then anne at about 4:30. matt went to bed shortly after that, and i walked corey to the taxi stand on the market sometime around 5 or 5:30.

matt usually wakes up around 7:30, although he doesn’t need to be to work until 9 or 9:30. he woke up friday morning when my alarm went off at 9. oops. corey’s coworker tom called asking us if we knew where corey was. nope. put him on a taxi. dick was supposed to come by around 11 to pick up some moving boxes before leaving for france to see a friend’s taiko (spelling?) performance. i spent two hours in the bathtub. at 12:30, i got worried about everyone. i messaged anne to see if she made it home ok, then went over to dick’s place to ring the bell over and over to see if he was waking up. i knew he needed to get going to france if he was going to make it. no answer there, and no answer from anne. i went home to continue nursing my hangover.

dick showed up sometime shortly after that, and we were so out of it that we were mostly just sitting there staring at one another and saying how we OUGHT to be sleeping it off. he had tried to get on his motorcycle to get to france, but had been a little queasy. so no go. his friend, jean, called to find out where he was. matt called to say corey had been found. dick went home and i went to bed.

that night, matt, corey and tom went out while i stayed home and slept.

saturday, five of us got in a car to go to nijmegen, where dick spends most of his time. tom and corey went home that evening, but matt, dick and i spent the night with dick’s friends vincent and kim. their friends sara and stein came over, and we ended up playing the longest game of munchkin ever, until 4:30 in the goddam morning. i was a bit grumpy, i’m afraid. then we all woke up around 10 in the morning to catch the 11:15 train, so that dick could go to esther’s party, which it turned out matt had also gotten an invite for. oh well. matt and i went home and relaxed. that was sunday.

monday i went running with my friend annemette in the morning, then had a student from 1 to 3. at about 3:30, dick and i got on his lovely motorcycle and rode away. what fun! he drove first, and there were some moments of terror for me. i’m not used to not being in control on a motorcycle, and he went really fast around some fun curves. by the time we stopped for something to drink at a cafe, i could taste fear in my mouth. then i drove. i’ve never been on his bike before, so i wasn’t quite so daring. it was fun, though, and i found some nice country roads in belgium (i think) that had easy curves and little traffic, where i could go quite fast. i don’t know where all we were, really. around 8 or so we were taking a helmet and gas break somewhere when matt called wondering where i was. i didn’t know, actually. i thought belgium, but the woman in the convenience store had spoken to me in german. dick drove again after that, and we ended up in aachen, and as usual to my experience in aachen, had some trouble getting out. i was having more and more problems with my helmet. with the new braids, it’s a bit too tight. i started getting terrible headaches with shorter and shorter periods of time, so around 10:30 or maybe 11:30, we got home. matt was sad and lonely, poor thing. we all went to witte ballons, a bar up on brusselsestraat that plays good music, and played pool until they closed.

tuesday i went rollerblading with an old student, kamila, who is back for the summer as an au pair. we rollerbladed to eijsden and back, about a total of 1 1/2 hours, but i haven’t rollerbladed since the occasional times i joined jodi and nichole and pals at the metrodome. i have blisters on my feet as i write this.

tuesday night corey, tom and another coworker, teresa, came for dinner. we had thai food: pad thai, green curry, and green papaya salad. yum. matt and i tried to go to bed early, but i think we were up until around 1 am or later.

today i was supposed to run with annemette at 11. but the rollerblading has my ankles and legs so stiff i can barely move, so i skipped it. i went to the drugstore to pick up bandaids and other useful accoutrements, and have been basically just doing little things around the house. ouch. everything is sore. i’m exhausted, too. we have our dutch lesson this evening, and then might watch shaun of the dead tonight. it’ll be a nice, easy thing to do. and there’s enough leftover thai food that i shouldn’t have to cook for the rest of the week. yay!

so, i’ll try to recover a bit before we get home. we’ll be there saturday night. anyone know of anything going on? warning: jet lag to consider.

oh yeah, also still looking for dasha. no clues. she has disappeared off the face of the earth. we miss her.



  1. we’ll be there saturday night. anyone know of anything going on? warning: jet lag to consider.

    “there” as in Minneapolis? “saturday” as in this saturday? There’s actually an underground show going on that evening if you’re interested. I could forward you some specs. If instead you call a run to Ground Zero I’m sure I’d turn up for that, though, and a lot of other people would too. I don’t know of anything else going on.

    1. excellent. that sounds like a good idea. i’ll see what i can arrange in our schedule. ooooohhh, that makes me sound so important. heh.

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