Thursday nights are KWAADAARDIG.

it’s true. they are. it seems that every thursday night i drink way way way too much. it has been, so far, a surreal friday.

i went to bed, a little dizzy, around 5 am. i woke up at 9 to try to rouse myself enough for a 10:00 violin lesson. yikes. my teacher has a new house, near matt’s office, so i bicycled over there. he suggested i try drinking and playing, so i can better let out the feeling of the gypsy music i’m trying to learn. or just play the irish fiddle music a tad more authentically. heh.

was home by 11:10 and left to take some xbox games to the post office to return to some friends who will be moving to the seattle area before we return to maastricht. stopped by the grocery store, then the post office, then was walking to the beloved chocolatiers, olivier bonbons, when i was accosted by a gaggle of 20-something japanese tourists. i had been rather dazedly slumping along the main shopping street, zombie-style, with my grumpy hangover. two of the girls rushed me. “oh, we love your hair! can we take pictures of you???” note the plural use of the word pictures. yes, i stood there blankly staring as they took turns crowding around me and snapping photos. very strange. then, continuing on my way, i found free yummy scooby-snacks being handed out. i got in the crowd. i got a cookie. yay. and continued to olivier bonbons.

i was there yesterday. i bought 4 boxes of chocolates, the small size. 2 minutes after i left, matt called me and said his mom had asked for 40 euros worth of olivier bonbons. which is why i was there again today. my dutch is really bad when hungover. the ladies in the store were as usual very sweet to me, but i am getting really good at this new word i’ve learned: kater, which seems to really mean a male cat, but also a hangover.

and by the way, kwaadaardig is my new favorite word. very evil. the depths of evil. but desiree, my dutch teacher, says that a stronger word is duivels. but i like the sound of kwaadaardig.

ok. i have to pack sometime. might as well stop putting it off.