KFG – Maastricht

again, we had a kfg where only one person beside the people sleeping at our place (us) showed up. matt invited somewhere around 16 people. 12? i don’t know, but he was worried that we wouldn’t have comfy seating enough. didn’t need to worry. dick was the only one who showed, and only for the movies. matt and i grilled tuna with wasabi and sesame seeds. yummy. we watched six-string samurai, then aragami. yes, jillian, i know that we showed aragami last time, too, but i was the only person this time who’d already seen it, and matt and dick wanted to see it.

i’m thinking a good non-KFG movie night double feature would be six string samurai and the american astronaut. fun fun silliness.

matt told all about our motorcycle shopping saturday. ahhhh.. the triumph speed triple. like riding a rather large hummingbird. mmmm… and the guzzi was also nice. big lovely growly noise. too bad it had a not very nice transmission. it did NOT want to go into gear. if it had, i might have bought it. but not at the price they were asking. matt got it wrong. they were actually asking 3500 euros. the other guzzi, same model, one year newer, being sold by another guy, was less. around 2700, but it must have sold. the guy was going to get back to me after someone came to look at it friday night, and he didn’t. oh well.

it’s monday, and what does that mean in maastricht? nothing’s open. i can’t even go buy milk for my coffee. i tried to yesterday at mcdonald’s out of desperation, and they’d run out. probably because of the parade. there was a parade all through the center, which of course meant lots of kids, and so i guess they must have drunk the milk. and kfc doesn’t sell milk. they sell some yoghurt drink for kids. so i went home and made turkish coffee instead of normal press pot coffee. and yes, sometimes i drink coffee black, but i wasn’t in the mood. i wanted it with lots of milk yesterday, dammit.

damn parades. there have probably been at least 15 here in maastricht since we moved here less than a year and a half ago. how many “yay aren’t we cool and historic?” parades does one town need? ugh. i thought they were charming at first. i guess they capitalize on that.

so i’m sitting here in my underwear, trying to decide what to do about my day, and now i see it’s nearly noon, which means i might be able to find a store open pretty soon. i need to get new lenses in my old glasses, some more index cards, and milk, dammit.


  1. Hey there- long time. How goes it? Well I guess I could go back and read through your LJ posts to find out but…

    Anyway, HI

    1. Hm. tricky. churches and charities are the traditional networking fixtures for upper-middle-class women. boring as fuck, though. how ’bout the dojo? anyone there worth cultivating?

      1. yeah, we got dick from the dojo. and fred, the most boring person known to man. most of our other friends came from our first dutch class, plus whoever they knew, and a couple from our second and third dutch classes. i have some friends because i joined the international women’s club when we first got here, then joined the cooking club in that. actually, it’s really fun, and i’ve met some interesting people there. we’ve tried a few other things, but they haven’t been so successful. still working on it.

    1. just as good. but i spent most of the time making a puppet head, so wasn’t really paying attention as much. oh well.

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