i don’t want a pickle…

i just wanna ride on my motorcycle.

yay yay yay
yay yay yay
yay yay yay
yay yay yay

(repeat ad infinitum, or perhaps ad nauseum)

i just got off the phone. i get to go motorcycle test-driving tomorrow. the first is scheduled for 11 am, in schinveld, about 40 minutes away. i am borrowing a friend’s car with gps navigation to accomplish this. i am hoping that some of the other bikes i want to see will be available as well, but if not, i will go to some of the used dealerships, since i will have car access. yay yay yay. must unpack the helmet and gloves and jacket. yay yay yay. yay yay yay. yay yay yay. oh, right… getting carried away again.

la la la…

oh, must go. a friend is returning from spain and we’re having a welcome back party that i am now running late for. and it’s supposed to be a surprise. sorta. well, i don’t know really if her boyfriend managed to pull that off.

wish me luck on motorcycle hunting!


  1. Good luck! Yay for motorcycles. Moto Guzzi’s are prreeeettty. I was thinking of doing this ride, but I think I might be too busy getting ready for or already on the road to Burning Man.

  2. ooh, that’ll be fun. I hope the weather is nice for you and that you find a nice one. If you do, I suggest you go on a long road trip and ride it over here.

    (Will you let Matt ride it?)

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