adventures of a 30 year old housewife…

crappy crappy.

i just spent the past hour visiting with a friend. she spent all day yesterday doing laundry and decided to tell me all about it. ironing, hanging, pre-washing, the works…

is this what my life is? ack!

as to myself, i spent part of the day painting upstairs. then browsing the internet for a motorcycle to buy. i’m looking at a motoguzzi. mmmmm…. now i’m going to dig around in the attic, to find some of my art supplies, and take them out on the terrace. the days are becoming long here. a bit too long – i find myself not getting enough sleep because there isn’t enough dark time, and i’m not good at napping. so it’s about 8:30, and i’ve got at least another 2 full hours of daylight left.

ooh, change of plans. another friend just called… one who’s a bit more interesting. i’m heading to her place for a glass of wine or two, and perhaps a better conversation.


    1. so true. but i’m honored that both of you would have read that particularly dull post and even commented on it! 🙂 and that trip i took over to another friend’s place really was worthwhile. we had a great conversation, ranging all over the place. including whether or not her teenage son is too young to introduce him to the writings of henry miller. heh heh. he kept quoting shakespeare, and as i am not a fan, i was making other recommendations. i also had a funny conversation in the candy store with the clerk, who agreed with me that the lack of sour patch kids in this country is a travesty, but thought that the dutch alternatives to, for example, twizzlers, are far better in that category.


  1. So, y’all moved since I stayed at your apartment? (I infer this from the reference to an “upstairs”) Did you buy a place?

    I’m glad you have a livejournal now, its a good way to keep in touch.

    1. trying to figure out who everyone is

      i’m struggling through everyone’s online personas. heh. finally figured you out after reading a few of your last posts. this anonymity thing is going to kill me.

      yeah, we moved. way cooler place now, right off the market square. we love it. we thought about buying it, but matt’s a little gunshy after what happened with our place in st. paul.

      we may still buy it eventually. but this town is a bit dull, and we’re making slow progress in the “meet new people who are interesting” goal. so we don’t know if we want to tie ourselves to here. on the other hand, it’s a good market to invest in. decisions, decisions.

      convergence is a good idea. we are planning on being in mn sometime this summer, and perhaps we should plan for that weekend as well. it’s a bit late, but the prices are just as bad then as any other time this summer (ie. awful). and matt doesn’t want to wait for september.

      hey, are you going to be doing any more projects in europe this summer? if so, we’d love to see you!! we promise we won’t have any more sudden deaths in the family. no, actually, we can’t promise that. but we can hope!

      take care!

      1. Re: trying to figure out who everyone is

        I should have mentioned my identity, I apologize. It slipped my mind.

        The next time I may be in Europe is next spring, perhaps March. I’d like to go visit some archives in Burgundy and tickets are usually cheap then. Its too expensive for me this summer (damn the ticket price hike!). I’ll try to figure out a way of visiting you when I’m there, I’d like to hang out with friends in Europe (I mostly have travelled alone in Europe, which is a drag).

        It’d be great if you were around Convergance weekend, it’d be so nice to see y’all.

      2. Re: trying to figure out who everyone is

        It would be a super extra shiny treat for you guys to come out for convergence!

  2. and, in telling tales of secret identities, is married to .

    Other people on my friendslist that I have seen at your parties before:
    Spacebug’s man is a painter, former roommate of Princess Michelle (since moved to Chicago, and I don’t know if she’s on this forum).

    Michelle used to date , whose dreadful band :cognition: I once witnessed with you. He has been with for some time now, though.

    led , fellow horror filmmaker , , my ex ‘s former roommate , and I and you on a tour of some shallow brewery caves one Halloween evening. (I’m two-thirds sure you were there. I’m quite sure we left from your house.)

    is another Zurrounder, possibly the only one left you haven’t sussed already. is sometimes mistaken for ‘s twin sister, but isn’t.

    I’m probably missing a few and can’t of course vouch for the character of any of the above, but I’m sure they’d be delighted to hear from you. I haven’t blown your cover yet. I could, and we could see who’s actually bothering to read my journal… 🙂

  3. one more obvious one — , who had the most marvelous Max from Where The Wild Things Are costume on when I met him, returned from New Zealand after all and is getting married next week to a lovely girl (also named Michelle, but not Princess Michelle.) The ceremony is in the same place yours was. is officiating.

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