problems with identities

hello out there!

i am continuing to have difficulty with who’s who on here, thanks to so many fairly anonymous names. as a result, i don’t know for sure if i know some people, and thus don’t add them or read them, and also, i listed a couple of people as friends that i’m now pretty sure aren’t. as in, i have no idea who they might be. i recently deleted them, since i wasn’t sure.

and some of you have pictures which aren’t much help either. what to do? i don’t know, but i just wanted to express my frustration a little. i want to read what’s up with people, but can’t figure out who i know and who i don’t know. is this easier for those of you who are all still in minnesota, and thus see each other more frequently? ack!

oh, and who killed all the attractive men in maastricht? there is NO eye candy here. grump grump grump. (unless you count matt, which i do, but even so…)


  1. lokey=Jeff

    I’ll try a different userpic.
    By the way, just in case you don’t already know, if you go to a person’s profile and click on the image you can see all of their userpics. I just get frustrated by the folks who don’t have a single image of themself. Whoops, I’m one of them now aren’t I?

    1. ah ha! no, i didn’t know that. thanks! and, by the way, your pictures aren’t much help! 🙂 but that’s ok. i recognize your last name. sometimes people don’t even have names up, you know? anyway, good to see you too!

      1. Yeah, I only get three. I ended up bumping off the recognizable pic for the Roller Derby SUPERFAN shot.

    1. ah ha!!! i thought that ethel was you, but the pic didn’t look like you, so i wasn’t sure. yay! this picture looks much more like you. thanks. the other picture was nice, though, but had that anonymous cute girl look, do you know what i mean?

      anyway, i’m very very happy to be getting these responses! now i can list you all as my friends and read what’s up in your lives!!

  2. just in case the other picture was one of the unhelpful ones here’s a different view. and if that doesn’t help (as it’s been a very long time since i looked like this pic) me = zhac.


  3. I think you got me, but spacebug=caly. Here’s an actual picture. And my brother is azure_armand. And his girlfriend is birdfigment.

    1. heh heh. yeah, i know both of you guys. you’ve both had email addresses that i would recognize for a long time, even if i haven’t used them. and i figured out joe and beth, although that took me a bit longer. beth’s picture helped with hers.

      wow. i’m really happy to be getting all these helpful responses. but for now, i’m going to post something else.

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