Chiang Mai Day 5: Blogging Day

It is Thursday as I begin this, although I cannot guarantee that it will be finished. I let Matt and Jennifer enjoy another day at the cooking school on their own, so that I could have a little me-time and work on these blogs. (Revision: it’s now Sunday 30 October, and I’m just finally getting around to putting these posts up.)

I had hoped to visit various friends, but of course when you only have 1 day available, it may not be the best day for them. I dropped in on Loi Kroh School, though, and it was great to see Pare even for a couple of minutes and spy a little on Napa teaching in the Ruesri Datton pavilion. The atmosphere there is so peaceful and welcoming. I have loved it since the first class I took there. I had a cup of tea, used the facilities, and headed off for a quick errand I’d been hoping to run.

Errand completed, I continued my day in a series of cafes and massages. When Matt and Jennifer finished up their cooking class, I met up with Matt at the tailor’s to finally pick up all of our finished products. Then we had a rest and a swim before going out for dinner at the Chiang Mai gate market again.

I keep buying as many mangosteens as possible, and having them for breakfasts and snacks. I’ve also bought several other types of fruit that I have not tried before, for better and worse. This night, for example, I bought a chunk of durian. It had occurred to me that although I very much enjoy durian chips (yum, yum, yummy yum), and have tried durian ice cream, dried durian, and various other durian products, I’d never eaten it fresh. I didn’t find the smell very off-putting at all (Jennifer couldn’t stay at the same table with it), but didn’t like the texture. Very mushy. I like a bit of bite to my fruit, even though I love slightly overripe peaches. Anyway, back to the mangosteens!