Chiang Mai Day 2: orientation in the old walled city

Monday morning, we discussed the plans for the day over breakfast. Matt had some tailoring he also wanted done, and we decided to use the recommended tailor near the hotel instead of the one I had found across town. 

Before I begin, though, here’s the view from our hotel room. At night, I’m pretty sure it’s Doi Suthep that is visible up there, but I’d have to double check the map.

We spent the entirety of the morning at the tailor’s. Matt was hoping to have a favorite shirt copied, a new suit, some accoutrements, and I wanted my dress copied and some matching short pants made for it. It was quite a challenge of decision-making and negotiations. We were hungry at the end, and headed off to a khao soi specialty place not TOO far away. It was closed, but we enjoyed the street art on the way, before finding another wonderful place (Mr. Kai’s), where they also had a really good recipe for it.

After lunch, we all wanted a rest, so we went back towards the hotel for a swim and a nap.

I left a little early, because I wanted a 2-hour massage, which was very good. Matt and Jennifer went for 1-hour massages also nearby, so we were all finished about the same time. Unfortunately, I left my beloved bat necklace at the massage salon, and they haven’t found it. It’s worthless (wooden, pretty cheap), but I liked it. It will be missed.

All relaxed from massages, we went to Dash House restaurant, which I had remembered from last year as being really cozy. It was, again. Here’s part of our meal:

So I guess we didn’t get much done on Monday. It felt very busy, though. There was a lot of walking around and orienting Matt and Jennifer to the old walled city, which is what we’d meant to do the day before, had it not been raining.