Travel to Lake Kawaguchi and a view of Mt. Fuji

The most delicious bento boxes yet were found Wednesday morning at Himeji station before boarding the shinkansen for the first part of our journey. When we booked yesterday, we unfortunately were not able to book seats together, so sat one behind the other in the middle of 3 seats each. 

Look! An entire quarter of mine was devoted to dessert! šŸ™‚ Yum!

Our first leg was about 3 hours, to Mimisha, for a transfer to a 2-hour bus. We made it with plenty of time, and arrived safely to our destination around 14:30. 

A view from the bus:

We saw this awesome group of roller coasters from the bus, but this picture was taken elsewhere. We really wanted to go, but it wasn’t possible. 

Our hotel looked very posh online, and we were excited to experience it’s luxurious onsen and our private bath with view of Mt. Fuji. In truth, the service and dinner have been excellent, but the onsen at Hotel Dormy was more atmospheric. Perhaps in the morning, with view, our private bath will make up for that! Our room is spacious, though. Because of the light, you can’t see it, but in view of our terrace (and outdoor bathtub) is Mt. Fuji. We will leave the curtains open tonight to allow early morning to wake us up. We want to see the view!

We freshened up from travel, and headed back into town to take the cable car to a viewpoint.

It was getting on towards evening, so our views were dark, and it is pretty cloudy, but “Hello, Mt. Fuji!”

In the morning, weather depending, we may seek out more views of Fuji, or we may go enjoy some of the local caves. Something is wrong with my right ankle, so I will also try to keep off of it as much as possible (I have already applied pressure to the pressure points and done line work relevant to where the swelling and pain are). I don’t remember twisting it or anything, so it’s a bit of a mystery.

Dinner was a rapidly served but delicious series of almost every Japanese specialty one could imagine. We chose not to wear our provided yukatas, because we weren’t sure if we’d be sitting on the ground. Neither of us is particularly adept at keeping them closed while sitting on the ground. 

After dinner, we enjoyed the less luxurious on-site onsen. There was a large group of reduced mobility folks there with their nurses, so while they mostly used the indoor pool (better access), I was alone in the outdoor pool.