Day 42, Barcelona –0km

Primavera Sound festival, day 3.

A couple of notes about this festival, because it is not, in general, the type of festival I go to. As Laura put it, it’s a bit too “normal” for me. As a result, I’m finding that I lean more heavily to the instrumental stuff. Maybe that’s less to do with the festival… I have been to see a few things with friends in the past year (see Caverns of Anti-Matter, for example, below), which are instrumental, not my usual style, and which I’ve really enjoyed. Anyway, those are my comments: too normal, and I guess I like instrumental stuff.

• Mahmed (7:00 PM)
I wasn’t expecting much from our first band of the day, but these guys were actually really good, relaxed instrumental stuff. The venue where they were at was good for that, as it had all these seats at an angle to the stage, so we mostly sat and looked out at sea while listening.


• Titus Andronicus (7:05 PM)
After a few songs from Mahmed, we went to the next stage over to hear Titus Andronicus, but it just seemed kind of boring, and then they covered Blitzkrieg Bop, which was their best song yet, and we decided that Mahmed was more worth our time, and returned there.

• Quarto Negro (8:00 PM)
I really wanted to like Quarto Negro, who are from Brazil but spent some time in the Pacific Northwest and are on SubPop. They were at the same stage as Mahmet, so we waited there for them. Unfortunately, I don’t think an outdoor space with seating at an angle was good for them. I think they need a small club atmosphere, or at least people near the stage. The music seemed ok, but… we just weren’t that interested. So after a few songs, we left for…

• Savages (8:00 PM)
This is the 3rd time I’ve seen the Savages, and the biggest venue, as they played the biggest stage at the festival. Wow. I saw them just a couple of months ago in Amsterdam, at Paradiso, and it was wonderful, but it’s hard to pull off such a big venue, and they rocked it. We were WAY WAY back, but it was fabulous. They have really become rock stars. Good for them. They are fabulous.

• Nuven (9:00 PM)
Nuven was a guy with a bunch of tech onstage, and it was very good, very danceable, but we were no longer in the mood. Needed it later in the evening, or darker, or inside… something. The audience was happy, though. But we were hungry, so we headed onwards.

• Cavern Of Anti-Matter (9:35 PM)
After a bite to eat, we continued on to Cavern of Anti-Matter. The name was ringing a bell. I had gone with Dave, Liz and Steve to see them in the tiny upstairs room at Paradiso a few months back (Steve told me, while we were there). Atmospheric interesting instrumental music, really good. I liked them again.


• Dinosaur Jr. (10:15 PM)
The first song had the vocals a little too low, and I panicked that J Mascis had lost his voice and they were trying to cover it up by turning him so low, but they got it fixed for the second song and the rest of the show was awesome. Lots of oldies, everything well played. I finally saw Dinosaur Jr. Hurray!

• Shellac (11:15 PM)
This was my find for the day. I tried to find a t-shirt later, but couldn’t. Will have a closer look at the CDs as well. Apparently, Shellac are festival favorites and play every year. They were super fun, good music, very silly, sometimes really interesting lyrics, but often very surreal. I liked them very very much!

• Tortoise (11:25 PM)
We only caught the end of the last song, because we were too happy at Shellac to leave. Sounded good, but… I don’t really remember.

• Royal Headache (11:35 PM)
We wanted to see them while we were at Shellac, and since they were playing the next stage over, it was easy to skip over there for a peek. Boring, boring… we went back to Shellac.

• Animal Collective (12:35 AM)
As we lay on the grass where we’d missed seeing Tortoise, Animal Collective started up at a nearby stage and we could hear them pretty well. It sounded good from where we were. I would check them out again sometime.

• Black Devil Disco Club (live) (1:00 AM)
A legend, and the music was excellent. I couldn’t see the stage at all, so no idea how the show was, but the music was wonderful. However, I was tired, my feet hurt, and I announced time to go. Actually, it helped that the song playing when that announcement came was NOT one I really was liking. 😀

When Matt and I got back to the apartment, we found Laura, Deniz and Gian all sitting around in the living room eating olives. A consensus was formed to open a bottle of wine and make some trays of cheese, sausages, jamon, olives, and whatnot. The Swedish guys came in during this, but when all the food and wine was gone, which was fast, we all went to bed. It was after 03:00, so good enough.

That was Friday. 😀