Now it really begins!

It’s very very lucky that I woke up before my alarm again this morning, because THIS morning it didn’t go off. Or rather, it did, but silently. I needed to leave by 7:30 this morning because registration was at 8:30. I wasn’t sure how long the walk would take. It took 40 minutes. Honestly, I can’t decide if I should keep walking, because the exercise is good for me, rent something for transport, or take a truck or tuk tuk, at least 1 direction. I think that last option sounds best.

So. Today was my first day at the original ITM, which is the school through which I’m certified, via their Amsterdam affiliate, Thai Hand. It’s a very nice building, but really far from me. Crossing morning traffic out of the center was insane. Here are a couple of pictures from the way home, and it was lighter then. No crosswalks, very scary.



None of those vehicles are stopped, or even slow. Just for your better comprehension.

So, class. Well, truthfully, my head is a bit full, so I’m not sure I’m up for full descriptions today. It was good. I’ll explain better next time.

After class, so after 17:00, I wanted to be massaged at the women’s prison, but it was closed. So instead I found a patio and had a light meal. I wandered into a way and photographed some Buddhas.




Then I went to the blind massage place again, but had to wait 30 minutes, just enough time to drop my stuff off at home and come back.

This masseur wasn’t quite as awesome as the one the other day, but I was also his last client for the day, so perhaps that’s it. It was still very good, and I came home after instead of going out to sit somewhere and color my textbook, which is homework.

My grandiose plan for this evening was:
2 hour massage
Pick up bamboo sticky rice for tomorrow morning
1 hour coloring and blogging while sitting in a cafe
1 hour practice Ruesri Datton
Shower and bed

In actuality, I decided my hair also needed washing and my nails were too long, so this is what happened:
2 hour massage
Long shower and hair washing
Nail filing
Facebook reading
This sub-par blog entry

I’m exhausted. I’ll try to do the blogging right after class tomorrow, so that I have energy to write it!