i have just arrived home from picking up my turkey from the butcher. i had to order it ages ago. it’s huge. it was also way more expensive than i expected! holy shit! (oh and that totally normal sized coffee mug is in there for perspective!) 8.670 kg! happy turkey day! (we’re doing it on saturday)


    1. in general, i prefer to buy eco, but i think if i’d realized that it was going to cost me this much, i would have bought it at the albert cuypmarket instead. i understand they’re much much cheaper there.

  1. I can’t WAIT to eat that on saturday! Gian is going to the market tomorrow to pick up chicken livers. YUM.

    1. yeah, last week i was talking to my mom, and she was cooking a 14 pound turkey that she’d bought at her local supermarket for $7. it wasn’t thanksgiving, it was just cheap. amazing…

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