Amsterdam Burlesque Festival, day 2

Friday I had the good fortune to attend BOTH of the shows. Here is the poster, by the way, as it’s really cute.

Anyway, as i was saying, i saw 2 shows on saturday. the first was the British Burlesque Invasion International Debut, and the second the Royal Dutchess Burlesque Revue.

Sadly, i liked Thursday’s performance by the newcomers better. This is not to say that all the performers on Friday weren’t lovely and did a great job on their acts. Simply that i find i prefer the acts that either make me laugh or surprise me, and these more experienced ladies (and one gentleman) tended for more classic performances. Miss Beeby Rose, for example, is gorgeous – a beautiful voluptuous and talented performer (and organizer) and major cred to her for getting this scene moving here (I don’t know a lot about the scene here, but she seems to be at the center of EVERYTHING i hear about) – but although her performance is as usual stunning and sexy, I don’t find myself involved.

I routinely describe Pepper Minsky’s charms to people. But she did her blue feather routine, and did it well, and I’ve seen it before. Possibly a couple of times. I’m not sure. I still love her, though – she’s got the biggest widest smile with those glitter lips, and is very funny and engaging.

My (and Dick’s) favorite of the whole evening was in the British first half, the very first act, one Ginger Blush, who pretended to be a construction worker and brought out all kinds of tools (measuring tape, pliers, a small hammer…) as part of her act. It was funny, she was sexy, and she surprised me when she pulled out that hammer.

My second favorite act was the opener to the Dutch act, when all the performers did a "little Dutch girl" routine that was adorable. In their little pinafores and white hats.

Speaking of the Royal Dutchess show, how many actual Dutchies were in it? There was Beeby Rose… but both Pepper Minsky and Lady Marmalade are American, i’m pretty sure. There was another female performer (whose name I didn’t catch, and of whom I can’t find any certain reference to on the website) and a male performer, Raoul Lala. That’s one certain Nederlander out of 5. and who was that other woman, anyway?