Amsterdam Burlesque Festival, day 1

last night matt and i rushed over to see the opening "gala" of the 1st ever amsterdam burlesque festival. it was newcomers-day, and i have to admit i wasn’t really expecting much.

but i was wrong!

seriously, it was a very good evening. we got there about 7:30, acquired bubbly and arranged ourselves at a table along the back. mostly it’s set up with very tightly packed wooden seats, and i didn’t think that would be a comfortable way to spend the show, so we moved to the back. turns out the heaters were pointing right at those tables, and we sweltered there for a while before right before the show the heat vents were turned to face the wall instead of right at the seats.

the venue: in a very cute little circus tent "casablanca circus tent" on strandweg at the houthaven. it’s small, it’s quaint. i’m a little confused about their permanence in that location. but anyway.

the acts… what i remember clearly. the MC was very entertaining, even singing 2 numbers, including the closing "elephants on parade" which i thought was a little questionable, as he asked audience members to participate in pretending to be elephants. ok, whatever.

the first act was a "amy housewine" who pretended to be falling-down drunk, and somehow managed to strip, fall down a lot, and even lose her pasties. ha hah!

i don’t remember everyone. there were some "taking ourselves a little too seriously" strip acts that were perfectly sexy and fine but not clever. but notably: i like the woman from leipzig who had a great 1920’s (i think) era bathing suit and then hula hoop act. she was gorgeous, entertaining, sexy and creative. and yay on the outfit! i also liked the dutch woman who pretended to be a windup doll/puppet. excellent choice of music, outfit, and good movements. also good sense of humor. i told her afterwards that she was in my top 2 for the evening, and she told me how nervous she’d been. she’s been taking lessons since february and was pretty excited. 🙂

there was also an australian woman who first pretended to be a man (which impressed matt, but i thought was kind of boring; matt thought it was a good job with the mannerisms) then moved on to a trapeze, where she stripped and climbed around. kudos for creativity and athleticism, even if it really didn’t thrill me much.

basically, i like the ones that are funny and/or very creative as well as the obvious sexy. hell, anyone on stage in a burlesque show is sexy in some way. if that’s all there is, i’m not so enthusiastic.

i also spoke to a swedish woman who apparently will be doing a pig act during the saturday night circus, which is sold out. i’ll be attending the early show (with matt) and if there are any tix available that night, we may get to see the circus as well.

tonight i’m going for a double-header: the first show is british invasion, the second royal dutchess (sic). i’ve already paid for the tix and i’m thrilled to be going.

for anyone here in amsterdam who’s interested, the website is

also notably there is a separate burlesque event on saturday night as part of the chocolate festival that’s going on right now: Chocolate Burlesque. i can’t remember the website, but it’ll come up in a google search.

and for those of you not into burlesque, go enjoy IDFA. 🙂