Bela Fleck and the Flecktones at Melkweg

That was really a fantastic show.  I wasn’t sure.  I listened to them a lot when i was a teenager (my first boyfriend was really into them).  i bought the tickets a few months ago and had been going back and forth ever since on whether it was a good idea or not.  I knew matt wouldn’t like them, which i’m still sure of, and so i took the biggest technical music geek i know, dick.

so there are four men on stage: one on harmonica, piano and once some kind of pipe; one on bass guitar; one (bela himself) on banjo; and one (the guy with the pirate hat) on some strange instrument that i hesitate to accurately describe – a "synthetic drum guitar???"  Anyway, they stood on stage and jammed and jammed for about 2 hours.

i am not really that kind of geek, so there were periods of time when i zoned out a little, but most of the time i was just amazed by what they were doing.  i couldn’t believe how well that guy could play the harmonica.  the harmonica!!!  he was amazing.  everyone was extremely talented, of course, and everyone had their solo opportunity, but i think i was most intrigued by the harmonica bit.  and the weird ass instrument pirate guy was playing.  what the hell was that?

dick, as a music geek of the first order, was thoroughly entranced.  staring and staring and bopping around a little and swaying.  🙂 it’s nice to take someone along to something and then see them appreciate it THAT much.  his exact words afterwards were: "wow.  i’ve never seen anything like that!"

anyway, that’s all i’m going to say.  it was amazing.  i’m glad to have seen them.  and for those of you who are now curious what they are, uh:  jazz,  i guess.  with banjo.  🙂  i kind of suck with classifications.


  1. I love Bela Fleck, and nearly went to this. I saw him years and years ago at a small club outside of NY.

      1. poor thing. this one kicks people’s ass. matt’s in bed too. keeps trying to tell me he’s going to work, or to the store, or to a friend’s. i told him to try later this afternoon to go to albert heijn, and when THAT kicks his ass, to remember i told him so. silly boy. i too hate being sick. it carries on and on and gets really boring, too.

  2. That is mega-awesome – I’ve seen them a couple times…Back when I played bass, their bass player, Victor Wooten, was my idol – he’s amazing…They’re all amazing, really…And yes, I classify them under jazz, though they are hard to classify – they get tossed into the “jam band” category, which I don’t think really does them justice…

    I’m so glad you had a great time…

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