Faith and the Muse at de Kade

well, first off, i’d like to say that EVERYONE in the band was super nice.  really really really nice.  most of them were exhausted, having had 3 hours sleep then a 6 hour drive to get to zaandam.  they were unloading when i showed up with my little box and got a little in people’s way.  sound check went badly – they only got to do 1 1/2 songs, the violin wasn’t able to be hooked up with the various effects he likes, i don’t even know what else went wrong, just that plenty did go wrong.

but… they were troopers.  seriously.  i heard one person backstage complaining about somebody being a bit snitty, but i wasn’t even sure who it was.  i missed the beginning of the story – it could even have been someone from the venue itself.  i have no idea.  the person telling the story even said they thought it was a miscommunication. 

the show itself was wonderful.  the imagery, the performances… i was really impressed.  here’s a band i’ve been listening to for many many years, and it was really great to see them live… and seeing them live, i thought they did a super job.  i actually was so enraptured that i’m afraid i’m lacking a bit for details.  sorry.  the dancers looked fantastic and their costumes were really stunning.  i liked when one kept getting just a tad off and watching the other for cues.  it didn’t detract at all, just made it more touchable, in a way.  i thought the violin sounded fantastic, even without the effects, and i was really impressed by how much he managed to make it a performance, too.  i personally think it’s a bit difficult to move much while playing.  a little swaying, ok, but he managed some really nice larger moves, which enhanced his overall appearance nicely.  i was impressed with how the little smears of makeup everyone had looked so much more interesting onstage than off.  good thing to remember.  i liked that there were mohawks, dreads and long flowy hair all onstage.  🙂  i remember thinking during a couple of songs that i didn’t know that they were really interesting and i should remember something about them in order to buy them after, but … uh… i don’t.

after, i was planning on heading out, but ended up going back upstairs with troy and nienke to hang out in the large dressing room.  again, i say:  everyone was really really sweet.  i pulled a total fan-girl on monica.  couldn’t help it, i got caught up in the moment.  but really – she’s wonderful.  talked a bit with everyone, but they all looked so sleepy i felt bad for being there.  after a while i said i was going and troy and nienke very sweetly came with me so i didn’t have to go alone.  i was exhausted too.  long day, but really fun. 

oh, and before i forget:  everyone in schwarzblut was also really nice.  extremely friendly.  i wish i’d seen their show.  i pulled a slight faux pas by not really being familiar with their music.  i was asked how it was going with the remix contrast is doing for one of their songs, and though i know it’s happening, i don’t even know the song.  i haven’t heard it.  i felt really bad for not having made sure i was familiar with it in advance.  i did listen to a bunch of their stuff about a month ago, to find out who they were, etc., but i forgot which song patrick and rene are remixing.  oops.  i’ll have to find out later…  bad bad sharon.