weekend… one of many

i feel like the weekend must already be over, i’ve been so busy.
my weekends, if all goes well, start on thursday night.  so i have all friday to add to my weekend.

thursday i went to ivo & marieke’s to see a movie and eat previously-frozen pizzas.  the movie was The Visitor, and was really very excellent.  i recommend it.
friday i made a huge list of craft objects i needed and went to the cuypmarkt to buy them.  took a large chunk of the day.
friday night i worked on said craft projects, then went to beer club at cafe de wildeman, where i proceeded to drink 6 or so bokbiers, and act drunk and ridiculous.  also went to the burger bar to feast on heaven.
saturday i attempted to proceed with said craft projects, to much failure, practiced my keyboard parts, and watched some season 3 west wing while continuing to work on the projects (that are not going well at this moment).  i also tried on a bunch of my clothes to try and decide what i should wear for the first concert… ha.
saturday night matt and troy came back from prepping their american breakfast stuff, and we hung out, carved jack-o-lanterns, and watched John Carpenter’s The Thing, which was surprisingly quite good.
today i have been emailing people, and now am meeting anne at the breakfast cafe, then will go to the american book center to re-stock, then will work on projects/practice/etc., then will try to join the derby dames for skate practice, then will go to nicola’s for dinner.  somewhere in there i will also call my dad.

when i list things like that, it doesn’t seem like i’ve done as much as i feel like i’ve done this weekend.
oops.  gotta go.  anne’s waiting now…


  1. The Thing is great, especially the scene with the head.

    Hey, are you guys going to Winston for Halloween or to the Bokbier Festival at the Beurs van Berlage (maybe Sunday)? Also, this weekend is the Affordable Art Fair at the Westergasfabriek.

    1. hi!
      we’re hoping to go to winston… hadn’t known about the bokbier fest… would LIKE to go to art fair (on my calendar) but depends on how much i’m needing recovery/how late i’m out on sat night.

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