yep, i’m now in a band

i think most of you here in amsterdam already know about one of the things i’m spending a lot of time on lately, so i haven’t yet posted about it.  but i’m having a lot of fun, and getting pretty excited about upcoming shows, so i thought maybe it was time to post the flyers.  and the websites: and


  1. hey, there’s a picture of you on the site. neat! I hope I can make it to the show, maybe get a crew of people from Amsterdam to get out there that night.

    1. that WOULD be cool. you could be conveniently visiting gea in december… 🙂 or perhaps we might TOUR. kidding, kidding… i haven’t even been on stage yet. as for you, i haven’t seen you posting anything lately. hint, hint.

    1. ha ha! i DON’T play… i’ve learned! 🙂 i’ve played the violin from the time i was 6, though, and we had a piano in our house, so i’m familiar with the basics. and i mostly have an ear. so i’m learning.

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