het 10e straatje

so, hazenstraat (where we live) is officially now the 10th street.  our shopkeepers had festivities today, which are still going on.  we went down for a long while – had a few drinks, chatted with a whole lot of neighbors.  a  couple of friends came by and helped take off the wooden floorboards of our roof so that it’s ready for construction work.  i tried to get some work done on a few personal things, but was only partially successful.

tonight we’re going to cafe mono for a subgenius party.  i missed the last one, which was apparently in the winston kingdom and involved stage acts and everything.  don’t know where they’d put that in mono, so i suspect it’s just an excuse to enjoy drinking with likemindedly freaky folks.  so off we go.  i’m hoping that if mono is still ignoring the smoking ban, that at least the excessive "in your face" has worn off.  last time i was there it was painfully smoky and i couldn’t breathe.  literally.  i left pretty early.

tomorrow i will HAVE TO SERIOUSLY buckle down.  there’s a shitload of stuff to do, and i’ve spent most of today shindigging.  🙂 

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  1. Woohoo! Slack!! Such, um, slackful devivals are the rule rather than the exception. We’ll see what happens in November during Cannabis Cup. Not much smoke Saturday night, but I think I punished my lungs needlessly with what was on offer.

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