speed summary of my life right now

updating… i’ve been very busy, doing various things.  here are a few of them:

allergy testing – again.  results (preliminary) tomorrow, but it seems like i’ve reacted to a bunch.  the german doctor said in dutch to his colleagues, while examining the initial reactions on my back, "this is an ideal canditate for this type of examination…" while enumerating the many locations where i’d reacted.  should be an interesting meeting tomorrow.

work.  just very busy.  did you really want to hear about it? 

flamenco.  i’ve chosen to stay in the beginner’s classes again, for the lower stress level.  otherwise it’s going fine.  i bought a large strip of vinyl at the flooring store the other day, so that i can lay it on the floor and practice at home.  this is pretty exciting, since the nails on the bottoms of flamenco shoes had been previously the main reason i never do.

band.  i’m doing live keyboards for contrast while their usual member is away on a long trip.  first show is nov 8th, 2nd act before faith and the muse.  so we’ve been practicing!  this week i finally was able to take the keyboard home with me so that i can get some more intense time to work on it.  i think it’s going pretty well so far…

nothing significant since the party, although this weekend we need to get the wooden parts off of the roof and move things on each floor in order to clear space so the contractors can work on the windows.  i’m not sure why the roof needs to be done THIS weekend, since to my knowledge, they haven’t even given us the bid yet for that part.  but they start on the windows next week.

travel & visitor.
  i went to paris for my birthday (right after the wonderful party) and then matt’s mom was here for a week. 

social.  soundgarden, friends/neighbors dropping in, movies (i saw public enemies – kind of disappointing, even if johnny depp IS a hottie).

there’s definitely more, but for the life of me i can’t remember what.  in the evenings, to unwind, we watch downloaded tv series.  we’re in season 3 of weeds right now.

this weekend, in addition to the things mentioned above, my old assistant paloma is dj’ing at cafe schiller on friday, so i hope to go; saturday is the hazenstraat celebration of being the 10th street – so the 10th of the 10th; and sunday a friend from maastricht, sofia, will be in town, so i hope to see her for a while.

next weekend, matt and i will fly to lyon to see our friends annemette and steen, and we’ll drive with them to carcassone for the weekend.  yay, french food with danish buddies!

there’s the quick summary for today.  🙂 or this month, whichever…


  1. Groovy!

    Yay for all that cool stuff – where’s the F&tM show? (I’ll be just back from Thailand the day before, so doubtful I’ll make it.) And when next will you play live – do you know?

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