mink farms?

today i learned that the netherlands is one of the world’s largest producers of mink.  i drive around a lot, or have done, and i’ve never noticed any mink farms… what does a mink farm look like?

i have just been reading about the european mink, and learned that it’s endangered.  it’s also been threatened by farmed (american?) minks being released by animal rights activists in europe.   they try to help, but they’re releasing the wrong animal into the wrong environment.  or the right animal into the wrong environment.  oops.  you’ve got to feel pretty stupid about worsening the problem like that. 

anyway.  i go back to work now.  i’m sure it’s obvious, but i haven’t fully researched.  my readings today have consisted of a brief article in the dutch news, followed by a quick reading on wikipedia.  i’m busy… time to finish up the first project of the morning, so i can get on to the much more interesting but lower priority 2nd project.


  1. Another problem with releasing these animals, besides the ecosystem presure of course, is that most of these animals have no clue how to survive in the wild and die out of starvation, or being run over by cars.

    Very pleased with the upcoming ban on the farms though, and the new rules the have to adhere to. Basically tghese farms have to invest milions and then close down shop in 5 years time. Hopefully most will just cease business soon.

    1. that’s also true (about the animals being ill-prepared for life outside of the farms), but i’ve noticed that arguments to that effect with people who want to release them don’t go anywhere. oh well.

      as for the upcoming ban, the article i read was a very basic summary. i’m curious about more – what investments do they have to make prior to closing? or are you referring to the expenditures they’ve already made, prior to this ban being passed?

  2. i grew up not to far from a mink farm.
    (whenever the mink would escape they would smell our chickens and we would wake up to dead chickens that had had their blood sucked out like a vampire!)

    the minks would be raised in cages like small rabbit hutches. the hutches would be all lined up in a low outbuilding or three. you may not see them because the cages could be much less hutchlike than the neighboring family farm of my childhood and way more tiny-wire-cages-up-out-of-sight in a barn or something. while the 1970s era family farm had open-air roomy hutches, i would suspect that decades later and a whole different value system around fur and animal rights, any mink farmer would keep their cages out of the public eye.

    1. do you know, you are ever a source of information… 🙂
      by the way, we referred to your advice on our trip, … details another time, as i’m trying to get out the door now and buy some cleaning supplies so that i can stop avoiding cleaning the toilet and windows!
      🙂 thanks!

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