shopping trip to MACRO, and a photo

matt and i just finished a crazy shopping trip to MACRO… for those of you who don’t live here, it’s a wholesale warehouse for the hotel/cafe/restaurant industry.  honestly, i like Sligro better, but it was fun.  Matt bought gigantic quantities of buttermilk and flour, stuff like that.  I mostly just kept a running list in my head of things i can get there that I haven’t seen somewhere else.  Good to know when making things later.

after, i dropped him off, then my groceries off, then the greenwheels car off, and walked down de clerqstraat back to rozengracht and thus home.  at the corner of de clerqstraat and nassaukade, there’s a liquor store/delicatessen that i’ve been wanting to stop in for some time.  So i did.  Turns out they also have a number of foreign products – for example, marshmallow goo, devonshire clotted cream, and… JONES SODA!!!!  the jones were outrageously priced at 2euros or so a bottle, but i bought 2 anyway.  yum… jones…

and here’s a photo from Day 2 of the trip, for your viewing pleasure:

In Trutnov, CZ – there’s a dragon crawling down the side of the church in the main square.