the weekend in review

Friday:  Matt “worked from home”, so we also went to see 2 apartments for sale.  They were really nice, but didn’t grab me.  They grabbed Matt a bit, but I had good arguments against them.  🙂  heh heh.

Saturday:  The Party!  It was GREAT (my opinion)!  Big thanks to everyone who showed up!  Everyone brought excellent things to mix up, both liquors and mixers, and I had a lot of fun making up drinks and trying things from my 2 lovely cocktail books.  🙂  I don’t know how many people came, altogether, but at one point, both the living room and the tent were FILLED with people, and a fire was going with a couple of hardy souls around it. 

Also a HUMONGOUS thanks to everyone who helped or served the role of “minion” throughout the evening.  That includes the dish-washing, cleanup, cocktail waitressing, refill coffee-making, decorating, etc etc etc that so many people helped with!

The rain didn’t put us off too much (thank goodness for large rental tents), but we later had trouble with wind!!!  End result:  fishing the tent out of the Ij in the morning.  Had to call the police for help.  🙂  The rental company has picked up the tent already, and they’ll let us know how the insurance thing works out.  At least it was clearly weather-related… that’s a standard coverage on rental equipment.

Sunday:  Tent/Ij (see above), then buttermilk pancakes for our wonderful overnight guests/ hard workers.  Then Matt, Dick and I went to look at a house for sale at the end of Overtoom.  It was so wonderful we’re going for a second viewing tomorrow, to ask more questions, check more details, and possibly make a bid!!!! 

The rest of the evening was spent discussing house financing, our friend Steen’s possible interest in our plan, and then CLEANING CLEANING CLEANING.   And watching FIERCE, a movie matt got from Dev and Sofia for his birthday… thumbs up for fun!  Also, Henry Rollins was in it!

Oh, Henry Rollins is at Paradiso on Wednesday… we may go, if Matt is back from Sweden in time and tickets aren’t sold out.