updating on matt’s birthday bash!

it looks like they’re be plenty of rain tomorrow, so it’s a really good thing i’ve rented a large party tent for the pier.  πŸ™‚  i called a little while ago to confirm that it is indeed coming, since i’ve been having some troubles with orders and deliveries in general lately.

so, it’s still on, and that’s excellent.  and we’ll also have a terrace warmer, and hopefully we can get a fire going too (but in the other half of the garden, not in the tent!)

the Cocktail Fu bar will be fun (for me at least!!), and for the first time in maybe 4 years, there’ll be a birthday bat.  you minnesotans may remember what that is, but the people here won’t yet have seen it.  we made it the first year we were in maastricht, but it didn’t go over well, partially because i had to improvise some of the ingredients, and partially because the people at that party were mostly colleagues and dutch lesson classmates, and didn’t really understand the fun of black frosting.  πŸ™‚  anyway, i’ve got all the right ingredients, and will be making it shortly.

i’ve been making lots of ice-cubes, but if you live in amsterdam and/or don’t have a long route to get here, perhaps you can bring some too!  it never hurts to have more ice at a cocktail party.  πŸ™‚  i wish i could find a place to buy it by the bag.  i know sligro has it, but i haven’t got a membership!


  1. for Thanksgiving, we walked down to the bar on the corner and asked to buy a big bag of ice. They gave us a giant bag for free. This is what I mostly have done or seen done here.

    See you then.

    1. yeah, that’s right. i remembered, after matt went out with onno & folks last night and one of them jogged his memory. πŸ™‚ anyway, i’ll keep that as a backup plan. THANKS!

      TENT’S UP, BTW!!!

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