Welle:Erdball photos

so, i’ve taken my camera to work and even remembered my USB cable, so now i’ve – for the first time with new camera – taken my own pics off…

and here are 3 i took at the concert.  i was standing there as they handed out the sparklers, and thought:  wow, if only i could take a picture of this…  OH YEAH!  my camera is in my bag!  so i did.  but i was in a hurry, and forgot to turn OFF the macro, so here it is:


and then i found out how easy it is to nonchalantly take a picture at a concert, so when they started throwing balloons around, i took another couple of pics:



they were a very cute show to watch, but their energy level was pretty low.  i was surprised.  apparently that’s NOT normal.  fortunately, the dj after kicked ass, and we danced the night away… until i could barely stand or walk, and decided to get back to the hotel before i couldn’t even walk THAT far.  🙂  it was a GREAT night out with matt, gea, vivi and john(?).  yay!

well, gotta run.  stuff to do before i leave work!