Welle: Erdball in Eindhoven 23 NOV

hey to anyone going:

we are planning to get a cheap room in eindhoven for the night, but perhaps:

IF SOMEONE IS DRIVING AND WILL BE RETURNING TO ANYPLACE WITH NIGHT TRAIN SERVICE (UTRECHT, AMSTERDAM, even ROTTERDAM or others at that end), we’d love to get in on the auto action for the trip back (and maybe the trip there, depending).

got space for 2?  🙂


  1. Sorry guys… would love to have offered you the space in my car but I decided to go by train myself 🙂 And take the first train in the morning back (I’m staying at my parent’s place which is close to Eindhoven). See you there !

    1. 🙂 no prob… we’re not opposed to staying overnight; just thought it might be easier this way.

      and see you there!

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