Winter Solstice 2007

hello friends and acquaintances,
i was looking at my calendar last night and the solstice this year falls on the 22nd. the 22nd, as luck would have it, is a saturday.

so what matt and i would like to do is:
have some people over and try to stay up all night. we thought that perhaps games and movies would be involved. perhaps a potluck situation with munchies and drinks. (that’s when everyone brings a little something, for those of you unfamiliar with the term.) usually we try to do this just the 2 of us, and it usually ends in us falling asleep long long before we’ve made it through the night.

we’re NOT having a sleepover. do not expect to sleep. 🙂 in the morning, you can go home to your own beds to recover. we’ll be staying awake from dusk until dawn. i’ll check times exactly later.

anyone interested? let me know how best to send you more info later (email is preferable). yay!


  1. Sounds wonderful! (And even better if it doesn’t rain or storm so we can sit outside by the fire pit and watch the sky….) Keep me updated please, at the mailaddy I sent my updates from.

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