jet lag

ugh. the jet lag has actually set in. yesterday i thought i got off lucky. i woke up around 6ish, went to work normal time (9:30), was alert and productive at work until leaving at 5:30, and stayed up (sort of.. i napped) watching videos with matt and dick until nearly midnight.

but this morning i woke up at 5ish, couldn’t get back to sleep. i’m now at work and feeling like absolute crap. i’ve been mindlessly staring at my computer for nearly an hour now. hell hell hell.

the coffee isn’t helping.

i emailed my french teacher that i won’t be coming to class tonight. because i need to sleep. but we have dinner plans with annemette and steen, visiting for one night from lyon. so i’ll try to nap between work and dinner. ugh. maybe i’ll talk my boss into letting me leave early today. i suspect she won’t mind. her jetlag is showing, too. her eyes look sunken into her face today. one colleague left for england this morning. the other is home sick. that leaves me, my boss and ian, who’s only here once a week. and most of his stuff is stuff he can do without anyone here. so maybe she’ll also be going home early.

you never know.


    1. Re: this is totally off topic

      yep. matt was brought in as a “knowledge worker” or some such, and since we’re married, i also got a residency permit. but at first i didn’t get a work permit. then we found out that i could use his documents and could legally work. very strange. but then, most recently, it says on my new residency card that i can work. yay!

      how ’bout you, anyway?

      1. Re: this is totally off topic

        for some reason, i didn’t think troy was dutch. wonder where i got that idea. anyway…

  1. French? Need a conversation partner?
    I had lessons in Prague and occasionally I have to do work in french but I am worried my skills will decline rapidly if not used.

    1. hmmm… well, i’m at the COMPLETE beginner level, so i think it isn’t such a great idea. but i’ll let you know if i know anyone. right now most of my french speaking friends all live in maastricht, so that doesn’t help much either.

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