finally! someone helpful!

well, jill, in response to your question:

yesterday matt sent me an email of a transport guy in rotterdam who thought he might be able to help.  today i finally got him on the telephone.  he got me on one line and an insurance guy on another line, and …

i will be able to drive my motorcycle for 3 months, starting today if the money can go through fast enough, in the netherlands and belgium.  with my american license plate.  yay!  now i’m waiting for the next email from him detailing what i need to do to make this happen.  i am supposedly going to a concert tonight in den bosch, to see an acquaintance’s band play… but they might be sold out.  but also, i might skip it altogether and ride my motorcycle!!!!!  we’ll see.  yay yay yay!


  1. Hooray!

    That’s great! Sounds very much like what we’ve experienced & seen here in Ireland – you gotta know a guy who knows a guy.
    Glad the story looks to have a happy ending – it was just too depressing to be stuck after all your hard work and preparation… and to have the motorcycle just sitting there, calling to you!
    -Ms. Huis Herself

  2. Glad you have got it sorted at last. Like you I would be going out on my bike instead of seeing a band!!

  3. I’m sure that, for you, riding your motorcycle will bring you much more joy. I’ve seen you on that thing and the expression you have is always somewhere between ecstasy and nirvana.

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