carnaval maastricht

hi there! i know, i know… it’s been a long time. i’ve been busy. extremely. but here we are, waiting for evening and the first of our activities for carnaval. we’re going to luigi and maria’s for a party. matt is working on his latest, warmer, version of his cyborg/robot costume, and i’ve simply re-outfitted my masquerade/halloween costume for cold weather. this includes layers of long sleeved gowns under the other stuff, including my flamenco skirt, which i noticed while digging for the other things in the attic. what a find! it’s perfect.

last night, non-carnaval, we went to backstage for the first time in months, to get in a little GOOD music before we’re subjected to the hell that is carnaval music. ugh. thank goodness, it was a good night. very little shit neo-folk. i think i’ve come up with the explanation for why the cyber-fairies seem to love neo-folk… too many science fiction tv and movies! all the sexy weird aliens on tv come from primitive cultures who listen to strange music. anyway, it’s a theory.

many of our friends have escaped carnaval by leaving maastricht. i really don’t blame them. i don’t hate the costumes and insanity, but i do really hate the shit-stupid music that honks and toots its way around the city, blasting also from every bar, including the usually good ones. what is up with the music? i don’t think it’s technically necessary, and it’s really really awful. only good for waving shitty cheap pilsjes in the air and swaying. ugh.

that’s all for now. wish me luck not killing unsuspecting revellers!

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