And upcoming plans…

oh yes… two entries in one evening! i am on a roll!

here are some of our schedule things that people may like to know. BY THE WAY, WE LOVE VISITORS! COME VISIT US!

my mom will be here march 15 through march 28. we are going to paris march 16-19, if anyone else will be there and wants to get together.

dick is moving to utrecht at the beginning of april, so if anyone has cool events in utrecht we should attend, we will therefore have a place to stay! (hi dick! see how i just assume my welcome! there has to be SOME upside to your departure.)

matt and i are going to molly and kenny’s wedding april 20-24. thus, we will be in minnesota.

mel will be here may 24 through june 7. we will unfortunately not be attending wave gotik treffen in leipzig because there are many events in leipzig this year at the same time and we weren’t able to find hotel rooms. dwain will i think be joining us for the second week of mel’s visit. we haven’t decided what we’ll be doing, since wgt is off (oh, sadness!), so if anyone sees any cool events in the benelux region that we should try to attend, please keep us posted.

so far, that’s all our plans. so, for those people who said they’d like to plan visits or trips this year that they want us to join them for, now you know a little bit of when works (or doesn’t) for us. now, get off your asses and get your tickets!

excuse me, i must now eat lasagne and go party!


  1. Paris

    Hey S.

    I’ve had this address for awhile. Got your postcard this weekend. I’ll be in Paris the month of May, would love to meet up with you somehow.


    Sulwen (do you remember this nickname?)
    maybe you remeber Mod Trent?

    1. Re: Paris

      hey, michi…

      excellent. now if i can find some kind of email for you, we could discuss it! when exactly will you be there? i would love to meet up!

      1. Re: Re: Paris

        I’ll be there from the begining to the end of May although I haven’t bought my ticket yet. My sister is finding me an apartment. She is getting her graduate degree in Paris and has met lots of cool people so it should be much fun.

        O.K. world here goes…
        my e-mail is:

        Japanaphiles beware! I am only half Japanese.


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