off to london!

well, it has been an action-packed several weeks!

we have been busy busy busy. first we were in prague, then we helped some friends put flooring in their new apartment, then thanksgiving at our place (i cooked a turkey for the first time ever… easier than i expected!), then a weekend in amsterdam, and now today we are going for 9 days to london. woo-hoo!!

actually, i should get offline and finish up my packing.

for those of you in minnesota: we will be in the twin cities for new year’s! who’s having parties? and… in some ways even more important… does anyone know anyone who won’t be there and needs a house/apartment sitter? then we could avoid living at matt’s family’s place, which can be very stressful.

well, i will try to use an internet cafe sometime in the next week while in london. if anyone will also be there (stranger things have happened), you can reach me on my netherlands mobile: 31 65 085 7451. actually, it may be better to call matt on his: 31 63 011 6747. we will be staying at the thistle city barbican hotel. if you google it, it’s the first listing. we will be under “feigal,” of course. and we will be there tonight through sunday the 11th.

and very exciting: we are taking the chunnel. ok… it’s exciting to me, anyway.



  1. There’s a huge mansion party on New Year’s that I’m taking part in with a band playing and the whole bit…I’ll give more info. later…

  2. I don’t know of anyone abandoning their house/apartment conveniently for that time (or any other), but if you would like a place to crash in Minneapolis proper, my place is available.

  3. Damn, two weeks too late. J and I were in London Nov 12-19th. Unfortunately we were working most of the vacation.
    I plan on being back over in March. If I have time I’ll see if I can’t swing a side trip out to see you guys!

  4. There’s discussion of a warehouse party in St. Paul, but no definite plans. Last year’s was good.

  5. you can stay in my apartment while i’m away.
    we can arrange it all sometime after i finish all these research papers…

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