Mluvim Cesky. (not)

well, anyone who needs to can read matt’s post of why we’re here in prague. i will speak of other things. let’s see: i continue to be really recognizable, and so the vendors at the markets know me now. i have been to the same art stands every day trying to decide what paintings and drawings i want, and what prints. they were all very pleased to finally sell me a few today, and one is holding things for me until tomorrow, although i told him i could buy it right then, but might come back for more tomorrow. (he’s right, better selling strategy; i might not go back tomorrow, but now i certainly will, and thus am more likely to buy more.) i asked if he needed a name or what, and he said he hardly thought he wouldn’t recognize me again. πŸ™‚

it’s been foggy and chilly while we’ve been here, but yesterday was bright and sparkling, and i made a photo day of it. unfortunately, one of matt’s colleagues decided to skip part of her conference and play hookie with me. she wasn’t really welcome, but i didn’t think she’d be with me that long, so i agreed. big mistake. i finally had to make it very clear that i had things to do that were difficult with her around, and put her back on the metro. ugh. she thanked me for the extensive “insider” tour of prague. yeah, right… the city has changed LOADS since we were here, and i never remember any of the interesting facts and legends. my tours, in any city, include where i’ve been and why they’re interesting to ME.

self-centered. again.

what else? dunno. went postcard crazy, but don’t have full addresses for all of you, and may not finish my way through the address book. what does this mean? ummmm… anyone after N in the address book may not get one. sorry nathan. πŸ™‚ but i think of you!

i love to sleep. today i slept until noon. πŸ™‚ oh, pure joy. poor matt.

must go terrorize the boy some more. smooches!


  1. :[ no postcard for me either, then. ah well….
    but something strikes me as curious, this is the second mention i’ve seen you make to a post of matt’s but i’ve yet to see anyting from him a long while. perhaps i’ve been too busy and have been missing them or i’m not getting them at all. either way, sadness! must get all the m&s i can get!!

    anywhoos… good to hear you’re enjoying your trip!

    1. That’s weird, you have me friended, don’t you? I think you do… If not, just click through my icon to see my last posts about Prague.

  2. very glad you are posing again – I’ve missed reading about your life!! Excited to see your photos when you can post them. Big hug! Lynn

  3. Re: our address; I’ll delete this after I post it and hope you get comments emailed to you

    hi! got it!

    kleine gracht 19C
    6211 CA maastricht


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