temporary expats

hello again.
last night matt forced me to meet 2 of his new coworkers who are here temporarily from the u.s. i knew it couldn’t be good. the first one wasn’t so bad, except perhaps one of the blandest people i’ve ever met. i’ve never before used the term “vanilla” to describe someone, but i think that it is entirely too appropriate for this guy. but no, i don’t bring this up to tell about him. it was the 2nd person, a woman, who i was particularly annoyed by. when we walked up to her, there was a pause, and i was the only one who didn’t know her, so i stuck my paw out and said “hi, i’m sharon.” her response was that high-pitched squeal of a “hi” that you mostly only hear when stupid people talk to small children. it hurt my not very sensitive ears. so i avoided talking to her for the remainder of the short time we were all together. her voice, when i listened, was pretty squeaky in general, but to none of the other people did she put such a squeal on it. matt was pretty mad at me for disliking her. oh well.

today has been uneventful. i am at a shortage of students. i only have 2 private students right now, a total of 3 lessons per week, which is not enough. an acquaintance called while i was bicycling through the markt, and she and a friend of hers are interested in lessons. i will meet with them tomorrow for coffee to discuss lesson time possibilities. unfortunately, it looks like it will have to be evening. i hate using my evenings like that. anyway, since i have no students today, i was running errands.

i stopped in to visit the woman who braided my hair a few weeks ago. she’s really intelligent and creative. i had one of the first actually interesting conversations i’ve had in a while during the 8 hours i was sitting in her chair. (no, for those of you who are curious, it wouldn’t normally have taken so long, but she was really busy in her shop that day, and we kept being interrupted.) anyway, i stopped in to show her my bottles of special effects, because she and her boyfriend were very very impressed by my hair color (nuclear red). so far as i know, they don’t sell special effects here, so i’ve offered to pick her up some next time i’m in minneapolis, which should be either the end of june or the beginning of july. hot and miserable, i know. damn.

oh, i was going to describe wave gotik treffen today, but i got sidetracked on ho hum daily stuff. sorry about that. next time. first i have to start remembering to actually use this, now that it’s set up.

it’s so nice to see everyone’s pictures and entries. i’ve been missing all of you. christian, do you still have your heavyboots account? i emailed you a couple of months or so ago, and i never heard anything, so i wondered. and big hello, zhac! sorry i never got around to emailing you back when i heard from you last, something like a year ago. i am seriously dreadful at long distance communication. maybe this will help me get better.

now here i am thinking of a million other little hellos to say. dumb dumb. i should get back to what i was doing before i decided to get online “for a second”.


  1. Sometimes I encounter women who have that squeaky soft little voice. Sometimes it’s clearly affected – one of my coworkers lapses into a cutesy little-girl voice for no reason at all. She does it when explaining what kind of donor query she needs. I’m told she talked to a meeting of our board members in that voice. My instinct is to smack the back of her head and tell her, “Like an adult. Try again.” However, she does have a fantastic ass. However, she is married and likes to tell the most boring-assed stories about her husband.

    Oh well, I’m outta there.

    But then sometimes the squeaky voice is real, and I wonder if the woman herself is aware of how she sounds, if this is something she’s cultivated over a long period of time, or if it’s an actual physical condition. I’ll never know for sure.

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