avoiding the sun in maastricht

there’s a heat wave here, and i got a sunburn day before yesterday, walking around the countryside (lost) with my dad, who was visiting. so, today, first free day in 3 weeks, i am sitting under the umbrella on my terrace, avoiding the sun. matt has forced me to make a live journal link, and jillian, if you read this, HI! you were the only person i was sure i knew to add to my live journal friends list! so you are, sob, my only friend. ha ha. 🙂 bye!


  1. As soon as word gets out, you’ll have a million LJ friends. Which is almost half as many as you have in real life.


  2. You’ll like totally have more friends that you’ll know what to do with, doll.

    How are your extensions?

    I mentioned this in Matt’s journal, but I’ve been meaning to send you two a thank you card, but I’m terrible at remembering things.. I’ve been so forgetful lately.

    Sigh… off to sleep, I suppose.

    (alex is if you want to add him…

    1. not needed

      hi! no thank you needed, although i do so love to get mail. heh. just greedy that way. never bother writing stuff, but want to get it all the time. i could add alex. does he want to be added?

      my extensions are looking very good. time improves them. and makeup, also.

      how was silly?


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