Southern India day 16 – Ayurvedic Medi-spa and Mysore

20 Oct 2017. We checked into Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center last night, and this morning were woken by a call to breakfast. I informed them that I would be there before it was closed and to please not call again regarding mealtimes. We found out when we got there that it was just that no one had shown up for breakfast in the first hour, so they worried people didn’t know about it. I guess they called everyone staying here.

After the spread at Vivanta by Taj, breakfast here was pretty disappointing. It’s adequate, and they bring coffee when you ask (instant, sadly), but we’d gotten spoiled.

After breakfast, we went to reception to learn about the treatments on offer, including a consultation with the doctor.

Derek has decided to forego any treatments, so they will be credited to all of us, starting of course with Abbie. We have 4 nights of included Abhyanga massages, which we can supplement or replace with other treatments. Matt is getting Abhyanga mixed with treatments for scalp and neck and shoulders, so his treatment includes compresses and bowls of warm oil applied to his C7 vertebra. Abbie is getting Abhyanga supplemented by some beauty treatments and foot massages. I’m actually getting the simplest but most expensive treatment. I have one day of Abhyanga with head and neck supplemental, then we will switch to scrub treatments. I requested them because I was feeling like a scrub will be nice, but the doctor seems to think I need weight loss as well, and this is part of that treatment. Whatever. He is supplementing them with a treatment where oil is poured continuously on the forehead. It is a calming treatment. I may have come off too excited to try things when we met. He has possibly misdiagnosed me as a Windy type. Oh well. It’s nice to de-stress at the end of a trip anyway, before heading home.

Since our treatments would be in the afternoon, we decided to have lunch onsite and save leaving until afternoon. I had a swim before lunch in the gorgeous pool.

My first treatment was lovely. The massage was done by 2 therapists, and started with a prayer to “the Great Healer.” They sing it, a short mantra. Then I receive a footbath, medicated oil in the ears, and the head, neck & shoulders part while seated. After, I was moved to the table, where both therapists worked in tandem in a relaxing and very very oil-intense massage. It is done pretty rapidly, so it is strangely invigorating and relaxing at the same time.

After treatments, we went into town for the bazaar. Many things were closed, as it was the big celebration night for Deepavali (yep, same as Diwali – different region, slightly different name). Still, we got some of the things off our lists, and enjoyed the wander.

For dinner, we went to a silly cave-themed restaurant in a hotel. They were decorated for Halloween. The food was good, though.

Alcoholic beverages are forbidden here, so we bought juice and gin and beer, and had a little party on our terrace when we got back after dinner.