Southern India day 14 – Old Goa

18 Oct 2017. After our return to bed and subsequent late proper morning, we eventually got up and out the door around lunchtime, taking a taxi to Old Goa to see the various Christian churches and ruins.

I like that when you introduce the Trinity to a pantheistic culture, you get the God Pe (the Father).

Another thing to note was that Indians, accustomed to taking off shoes before entering Hindu temples, removed them before entering cathedrals as well. They didn’t need to. And in one of the churches, I was harshly instructed to remove my hat. I wanted to tell them that in fact, that was not a requirement for women in Catholic churches, but whatever. I was inside, thus negating my need for it anyway.

I enjoyed the coolness of the interiors while Abbie prowled for historically relevant art (didn’t find any) and Matt and Derek just prowled.

We had lunch in a tiny little place specializing in Chinese fusion (Abbie loves it for its spiciness). Eventually, we took a cab home via the Christian Art Museum.

Back at the hotel, we were back at the pool. I had a long chat with a nice woman, originally from Sri Lanka, who’d grown up in London, lived in Australia (where her husband is from), and currently teaches in Hyderabad. She had a G&T disguised in a water bottle. We chatted until Abbie showed up, and then Abbie and I swam (again, for me) before dinner. We ate at a small place not far from the hotel, and picked up some tiny bottles of gin to take with us to our next destination.

We finished the night in the hotel bar, where we each had one cocktail before bed. I didn’t get a picture because Abbie’s and Derek’s came right away, and they drank them and went to bed before Matt’s and mine eventually came, 45 minutes later. Ours were complimentary after such a delay.