Exploring Nara, part 2: Temples and Parks

As mentioned in the previous post, we took off on bicycles to see some sights before they closed. Our first stop was Todai-ji Temple to see the Daibatsu (Great Buddha), but of course we got distracted a bit in Nara city park by the semi-wild deer who want crackers.

And by the beautiful old wooden Nandai-mon Gate.

Finally, we arrived at the Temple, and it was indeed a beautiful sight. 

Afterwards, we headed upwards to see the sunset from Nigatsu-do Hall, past more deer, of course.

And then there were more deer! After dark, and maybe in the area where we were, they got quite aggressive. Laura and I immediately walked away, while Matt and Denis attempted to interact with them, but we heard a shout shortly afterwards, and then they guys joined us.

We had dinner at a sake & udon restaurant owned by a friend of our host, then finished up with baths back at the villa and sake around the table in our matching yukatas.

Kanpai! (again!)