Day 44, Barcelona –3km

let’s just call today Sharon Day. All of my friends left the festival today, although Laura and Deniz had a late flight out and Steve was around for the first band. And everyone else missed out. Today’s music was all fabulous. I loved most of it.

It was also a day of Adventures in Dumbassery. I stupidly booked my hotel at the site of the festival, not noticing that the last day was all taking place all the way across town. Oh well.

• Redthread (1:00 PM)
festival find! excellent local 3-piece. it started with a girl on drums, a girl on bass, and a boy on guitar. the bassist and guitarist traded off singing, both with good voices that fit well with the music and each other. The lyrics were good, the music smoothly transitioned smooth, haunting, energetic, in a way that fit. The drummer grinned and grinned. Then, surprise: the drummer left the kit during a slow instrumental bit, came to the mic and moaned out  gorgeous low poem. When she was finished, I honestly thought it was the end, because the other two were taking off their instruments. But no, they were just switching. They played on. Steve and I were super impressed, and if there’d been a merch stand, we would have dropped some cash on it.


• Twin Drama (1:45 PM)

• Altre Di B (2:30 PM)

• Ran Ran Ran (2:30 PM)
whiny vocals, looks like Muppet

• Power Burkas (3:15 PM)
basic 90s rock. fine, better than some.

• Aldo The Band (4:00 PM)
dumb name but I really liked!! funk, rock, a nice mixture. it was getting packed fast, drawing people in. pic before that.


However, I really needed some down time, so I went back to my hotel for a swim and a rest.

• Mudhoney (7:30 PM)
Finally. And it was as awesome as I’d hoped.


• Water Rats (8:30 PM)
Fuck yeah. My first impression wasn’t so good. Long scraggly hair, sort of metal look, but their version of punk was perfectly what I was in the mood for. Super fun.

Silly lyric: “hey we are 2 man whores/ all we wanna do is sleep.”


• Siberian Wolves (10:00 PM)
drummer singing, nice voice, I like. reminds me of something… Jane’s Addiction?!?
would be improved by real musicians on other instruments


• Cadena (10:15 PM)
another kind of perfect.
can’t make out a word he’s saying, but the screaming is perfect.


• +++ (11:00 PM)
other festival find!!!
so so good. need CD. Matt would love this 2-piece. They are very weird. I need to listen to their stuff a lot, later.


The members of Mueran Humanos were there, so I told them they had been fabulous. 😀

-last band: Wind Atlas.
Decent goth band, female vocalist did a good job, played well with her voice.