Day 31, Santa Pola and back– 243 km

Last night was super windy. My tent didn’t blow away, but it kept me awake and woke me up over and over. The alarm went off at 06:00.

Sunrise was lovely, but I watched it from the road. I was meant to be on a boat to Isla de Tabarca by 09:30, getting into wetsuit etc. by 09:15.

Unfortunately, the dive shop didn’t confirm with the water taxi, and he wasn’t set to go until 10:30. I could have slept in.

Still, finally we were set to go. Snorkelling was fun but short, for the same reason. Oh well. It was nice to be in the water, and we saw some fish and sea sponges and sea grass and rocks.


Here’s where our boat taxi brought us. We walked to the other side, near the old prison. We swam out to this rocky mass first.


I thought I’d taken a picture of the prison, but I guess not.

Then we swam on the edge of the very nice swimming beach.

Although it was a short day, I got back to camp exhausted. Sorry this is short!