Day 24, around the Montes de Toledo– 134 km

Such a rough life. 😀

I awoke, as expected, to the sound of small children shrieking, but my earplugs had done a stellar job. I slept through it for probably a good long while.

My first night alone in my tent (due to weather more than anything) was super comfy. I have hacked the intended use of the sheet to make myself quite the cozy giant cave. No bag claustrophobia for this girl!

Lynn called while I was trying to decide between breakfast in the cafe or just make coffee at my tent, so I made coffee at my tent. I’m nearly out of my second bag of coffee, but she’ll bring some today, so that’s fine. There was a supermarket near her hotel.

The GB camper next to me turns out to be from Sheffield, and very talkative. He and his wife are doing some bird-watching. They are very nice neighbors. There are almost none of us left now, with the holiday weekend almost over. Most of the Dutchies, that pair, maybe 2 Spanish families, and me.

I decided to make a distance trek for chain lube (the station at the bottom of the hill has it, but what’s the fun of that?), so drove about an hour and a half to another gas station in another small village. I also bought car shampoo and gave the bike a good wash, which seemed to amuse all the locals drinking beer on terraces.

Here are some lovely views from the day.




After that, I set the TomTom for a different route back, essentially making a big loop.

I stopped at the gas station at the bottom of the hill anyway, to see if they had anything in the way of decent groceries, since the other one, which boasted a supermarket, sold almost nothing of any use. Neither did this one. I bought two individual packages of cookies and went back to the campsite.

What a gorgeous afternoon. I munched cookies and drank water in my bikini while tending to some packing changes and bike maintenance. Then I shade-bathed under a tree by the pool for a while. Eventually I got peckish, and decided to go to the cafe for a little bite and some beer. It was open all afternoon yesterday (I got in around this time yesterday).

Unfortunately, the kitchen was closed. A glass of beer is always served with a little nibble, but I really hoped for a small sandwich or something. I guess I looked suitably desperate, because the waiter decided to whip me up a gigantic plate of paella and a basket of bread.

So now I wait for Lynn!
she got in pretty late, but yay!