Ah ha! I finally made it to the Saturday market!

I had a late start this morning, and even so was way too early for class, which started at 09:00. It was the first day of the Pregnancy Massage course. As many of you know, in have already been massaging clients in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters, with doctor approval and after much independent research. However, until now I had not taken a course. I wanted to learn more about contraindications, things to avoid, why, and to be able to ask questions. For this, I am perfectly satisfied. It’s not much in the way of new techniques, more focus areas and positioning tips. I’m happy, and it is therefore really easy.

The course is at Spa Mantra, which is ITM’s partner spa. It’s gorgeous inside.



Quite posh. And who were my classmates? Bianca and Tatiana, both of whom I’d met at ITM a couple of weeks ago! Bianca is the Dutch woman living in Antwerp, my lunching companion. Anyway, it was nice to see them. And Bert joined us for lunch, at a lovely vegetarian place nearby that Tatiana recommended.

After class, I rode back home, changed bags, and left for the Saturday market. It is much the same as the Sunday market, except a different street and a higher percentage of Thai people, although I think many of them were also tourists.

Here is something I ate, which got the usual questions from nearby tourists. An old lady was preparing it and it smelled good. It turned out to be sticky rice with red beans, topped with coconut and sugar. Yum!


And for your entertainment, I give you…
Zwarte Piet? What in the world?!?!?!


I have just realized that the only massage I’ve had today was practice in class. Damn, what was I thinking?

Riding the bike around town is a totally different experience, especially after buying a bijillion things at the market! Thank goodness I borrowed that bungee cord!