Nerve Touch Massage

I’m sorry, because unless I take some pictures today and pretend they are from yesterday (which is fine) before I post this (could happen), then there will be no photos today.

I had THE BEST massage yesterday after class. Over lunch I rushed over to Lek Chaiya massage school and made an appointment for 16:00, the latest they would take. We finished class at 15:45 and I scooted over there.

It was a little old lady who massaged me (not Mama Lek, who passed away some time ago), and at first I thought she was going soft on the farang. Nerve Touch massage is known as a sort of acupressure massage, using Northern style techniques. I expected something like Wat Pho style, quite hard. Instead, it was more like she was warming me up. She went over and over the same lines, first soft then harder until quite hard. And pretty fast.

Her technique was double thumb press, mostly, like Wat Pho, but with a rocking motion, like what I’m learning with Coocky this week. Mama Lek was Coocky’s first teacher, so there may be a connection.

She went through all 5 positions, and included stretching and hot compress. I think we went over the hour that I paid for. I’m not sure. I was in heaven when I left.

This is the most expensive Thai massage (not including Chi Nei Tsang, which isn’t the same) I’ve had here, but well worth it. If I can think of a way to fit in another before I go, I will!

Two interesting techniques I’ve learned from receiving massages while here:

Super slow but extreme pressure, using full full body weight at the blind.
Super fast with rocking and repetition until intense at Lek Chaiya.

Wow. Plus some elbow, feet and knee alternatives that will come in handy with a couple of people I can think of.

After that, I had some food then haggled with a tuktuk driver to take me home.