Papallacta day 2, a day in transition

Last night, as we walked to the thermen along dirt and stone roads in the rain, I wondered how there weren’t any ruts in the road. This morning, we had the answer. They flatten it. It was a strange sound to wake up to, not too obnoxious or early, though.

Here’s our map… It’s been well-used while we sorted out where to go and what to do. I wanted to share it, but of course my photo program won’t let me rotate it properly.

Our room is lovely, but I don’t like the proprietess. We had breakfast then returned to our room.

It is raining very hard outside. We enjoyed the cavern pool for a while then organized our things for our trip home and an afternoon up at the thermen up the hill.

On our way to the thermen, we stopped to have our last Ecuadorian meal. I ordered the same as I ate for lunch and dinner for most of our first 2 weeks, and Matt had grilled trout.

The rest of the day was spent in the baths. It was still raining, but who cares when you’re lying in naturally heated mineral waters? We added it all up on our way to the airport and we spent more than 8 hours in a 24-hour period lying in hot water. Awesome. And look at the surroundings! Beautiful.

Around 17:00 we went back to the hotel and got ready to go. Matt had arranged a taxi to avoid any problems getting back, and it picked us up at 18:00. We were at the airport at 19:00, but check-in didn’t start until 20:30. Our flight is scheduled for 00:30.

Security was amusing. This is the brand-new airport, and I think they’re training new staff. They were even more rigorous and slow about everyone’s carry-on luggage than right after 9/11. It was almost silly. But even funnier, they took one look at our millions of Amsterdam stamps and singled us out (doubled us out) for drug screening. It added an element of fun.

I’m going to call this a day now. It’s only 22:20, but nothing much more can happen from now (I think). We land in Atlanta around 06:00, have almost a 6-hour layover, then to Washington Dulles, short layover there, then finally arriving in Amsterdam Friday morning. It’s Wednesday night now, by the way.

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Location:Papallacta, Ecuador