What day is it anyway?

Wednesday, day 3

But before i begin, let me just say that hot oil is bad. No really. I was cooking up some fry bread last night to go with the clam chowder and sauteed chanterelles, and managed to splash my left wrist really well. The inside of my wrist is blistered pretty badly now, and i managed to break the blister tonight goofing around with the boys. Oops. Thank goodness their mama, Glesy, my sister-in-law, is a proper mama and had bandages and neosporin handy. šŸ™‚

Last night after Jack, Glesy, the boys and Dori all went home, Dad and I stayed up late (10pm, haha) singing with the karaoke machine. Fun, but we were hoarse by the end of it.

Today, again i woke up first, but i lounged in bed reading until i heard Dad up and about. I wanted to make (good) coffee, so i jumped up then and got busy. We chatted and hung around until about 10, then got ready to head into town. Matt called somewhere in there, and it was so nice to hear him sounding happy and self-satisfied. I guess he’s getting a lot accomplished on the house!

First we headed to the fire station up the road, where dad is the volunteer chief. The district maintenance guy was there, and they chatted (well, me too) for a while, talking about various things, then we went into town to run a few errands.

For lunch we went to Burgerville, which is like any other fast food place, but i think there are only a couple of them. Maybe only the 1, but i thought i remember a couple of other towns nearby have them too. I ate a double cheese burger (with Burgerville special sauce) and sweet potato fries.

We went to Safeway, where Dori works, and i browsed the aisles, exploring American grocery fun, until we decided to go over to Jack and Glesy’s. Jack was home working on the new super-vacuum he’d bought for cleaning out old insulation in people’s attics (if it’s full of bat shit). He was hooking it up and seeing if it works ok, and if he’d need to make any adjustments to it (it needs to have a shorter wand at the end of the hose).

The boys got home from school, then Glesy got home from work, I played outside with the boys and the neighborhood kids, then Kyle and Katy (Kyle is my other brother – Katy is his wife) came over. We all had dinner, then played Settlers of Catan. And that was the whole day! šŸ™‚

It was a pretty good day… busy but with nothing much. Still, i’m exhausted. I haven’t gotten any of my “personal homework” done. Oh well. Still time. i’ve got more than 2 weeks left! Maybe tomorrow i’ll find some time at a cafe with some coffee and wifi, and get some work done.

Jack with his new toy.

Iver and Orin in the leaves

Jack, Kyle and Katy – playing Catan

Dad, frying up razor clams Tuesday

One bag of chanterelles.

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