Another new beginning

I’m feeling pretty positive about things lately, even though i’m sick at home at the moment and feeling pretty useless while Matt works on the house like a demon. Here’s why:

1. Today i mailed off the application to study to be an aesthetician. Class will be once a week (monday) starting in February. It will be 1 1/2 years of study, which isn’t really long at all.
2. My own aesthetician, Marianne, who is awesome, and who was incredibly enthusiastic about my interest in doing this, emailed me the other day in reply to the email i’d sent her. You see, she wants to open her own salon, connected to Dr. Hauschka corporate, and had asked me to help her with her business plan. I’d done some research for her, to get us underway, and she’d finally had a chance to read it and think about it. She is really excited, and wants to know how my application to Instituut de Korte has gone, because she’s thinking maybe we’d even partner up in that. I’m down with that, completely.
3. I gave my notice at work 1 1/2 weeks ago, in order to stop working there at the end of the year, unless possibly as freelance in the parts i’m really interested in: namely, research, presentations, and specialty projects such as transmedia advice and funding. This was well-received, and i’ve been given a bonus which almost completely covers the expense of my studies. woo hoo!
4. I’m on vacation as of Thursday night, and will be leaving for an extended visit to see family on Monday morning.
5. I managed to help arrange that all the work on our house that needs external people is beginning, also on Monday. This required some begging phone calls, but it’s really happening. The scaffolding is up, the carpenter does his work on Monday, and everything else is falling right into place, even the asshole contractor who owes us new 1st floor windows. He wants to avoid having to put up steigers (scaffolding) of his own, and when he found we’ve got it up for these other projects he actually started to move on his part. wow.
6. my cat is getting healthier. the meds are working, and he’s getting spunky and fatter. yay cat.
7. matt has been getting some geek time in, finding interesting projects to get involved with. this makes him feel creative and useful, and makes him happier and healthier. yay matt.

speaking of cat, he’s on my lap, making it hard for me to type more. so i’ll go.

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