so matt challenged people to write something every day in july on livejournal. here i am. today i don’t think i have much to say. work has been crazy, and kind of good, and since i’m having a hard time not thinking about it, i guess i’ll post about that.

we are trying to hire someone to replace our current PA/admin person. i plugged for a full time person this time, because my duties have grown to encompass too much on the corporate development and research sides of the business, and i don’t have time to do the office management and financial assistance that i have been doing. basically, we’d be hiring someone to eventually take over parts of those roles. maybe all of them, depending.

it’s going. we have a couple of candidates now and we’re trying to sort out the logistics/offers and do that this week.

simultaneously, my boss has been giving a number of speeches. i write the speeches and presentations, and i’ve been very busy with that. i wrote one earlier this week, and have to complete another one (a hard one) tomorrow. i like writing presentations, but am really struggling to get it all done.

i leave for vacation next week, and have just been given an “assignment” while on vacation – sort of a test. we’ve been talking about my role evolving into some of the actual biz dev on behalf of the company, and my boss has come up with something she’s curious about in that regard. she’s asked me to put together a general plan of how we’d go about moving forward in that. it’s a test, and although i’m a little grumpy about the timing, i’m going to do it, because i do want to head in that direction at my work.

i also want a raise and enough of one to start putting away into a pension, which i don’t have through work. so those are my two plans for over the vacation – put together a plan of action for an idea we could move into, business wise, and put together a good description of how i see my job (and pay) developing in the next year(s).

that’s what’s going on.

oh, and i’ve got a doctor’s appt in the morning. and then a fysio appointment. yay me. then i go into the office to do a one-day uber presentation (this one is super important, as it’s for a client, to impress their new corporate overlords and keep us in business with them), then i go to a party to celebrate some friends’ wedding. busy day. saturday i might collapse.

oh wait. on saturday i have to put together whatever i need to get for the trip to america, and then go to a bbq at some other friends’ house, in zaandam. so sunday i can collapse. oh wait. another friend is arriving to stay with us for 2 nights.

i feel tired. it’s only 11:20 and i’m going to bed.