to finish yesterday’s post

šŸ™‚ sorry n – it wasn’t complete, just ran out of time on the bus (i was blogging on my phone on the way home from work).

so, from where i left off:

i ran up the steep and muddy trail. it was pitch dark and i couldn’t see a damn thing, so i was mostly just hoping i ended up in the right place. i could hear little critters in the woods around me, and i kept clapping at them to scare them off (because i always remember this horrible campfire tale i was told years and years ago when i was a girl scout). eventually, i could see the hotel lights above me, and it was even harder to figure out the trail with the lights blinding me. i decided that with my bad knee, going back DOWN the slope with the light behind me was going to be much worse.

i went in the back door into the bar/lounge, and everyone in there looked at me like i was the creature from the black lagoon. i was panting and wheezing a lot. (my breathing problems of a couple of weeks ago, when i lost my voice for a week, were really exacerbated by this little adventure.) i wheezed over to the reception desk and after panting for a second, asked the man there how i would drive to the lake at the bottom of the hill. then i went up to the room to get my credit card & pin.

with sudden insight, i realized that i wasn’t entirely sure i had the right pin for the card either, and checked the numbers… indeed, wrong pin. quick thinking, i called matt:

M (amid laughter and music): I’ve been caught!
S (wheezing): oh, i guess you’re not at home…
M: hahahahaha! no, why?
S: (short synopsis) … but you’re not at home so i’ll think of something else
M: well, i’m not at home, so what do you expect me to do?
S: uh, nothing. you’re not at home.
M: oh. well, what DID you want me to do?
S: check the rabobank file for the paper with my pin on it.
M: oh. well i can’t because i’m not at home (apparently matt had had a great deal of whiskey by this point).
S: yes i know. don’t worry, i’ll figure something out! bye!
M: don’t get arrested! love you!
S: love you too! don’t worry! bye!

then i had another quick thinking: how much cash did i have?? i opened my wallet to count it, and found, in small bills, 60 euros. the tab was for 75. with small european tip we needed at least 80.

i was considering how long it would take me to drive to spa, find a bank machine, and drive back to the lake…

then i considered if the hotel could be persuaded to part with cash on my tab…

then i remembered that during the day’s ride, i hadn’t wanted to carry my wallet with me, and had squirreled away 20 euros in my leathers in case of gas or food need.

so i collected all the money together, grabbed my helmet, grabbed D’s helmet, and straps, strapped the extra helmet to the back of the bike, and drove off to the rescue! a little drunkenly…

end of story: D was rescued, was drunk enough to agree to ride back to the hotel with me drunk-driving, and we laughed and drank in the hotel bar until all hours.

a good little adventure, even on a pretty adventure-less (if very enjoyable) trip.

we were in Hotel Dorint, in Balmoral, near Spa, in the Belgian Ardennes. (alis asked, i think)


  1. hehe… hoped for a follow-up on that rapidly interrupted story. oh money and cards… i had the same problem with pin in poland. didn;t even know my card had a pin code.

      1. no more signatures… i was lucky the gas station also had an atm machine outside when they refused my credit card for not knwoing my pin code. (germany). though some stations accepted my card just like that. it’s hard to predict, depends on how updated their equipment is.

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